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15 Things CBD Can Help With

Apr 12, 2020

CBD oil had been increasingly popular and more studies have been released to show that it really does have many health benefits.

This list is based in some studies. Other parts of it are still awaiting studies, but are worth mentioning.

(These statements haven’t been evaluated by the FDA. These are not intended to be an evaluation of an illness. You should see a doctor before taking on any health regimen.) 

  1. Seizures - There are several studies that show that CBD has a significant positive effect on seizures. There is even some evidence that it’s as effective prescription anti-seizure medications. CBD also has an effect on epilepsy, as you can read below.
  2. Anxiety - One application where CBD has shown a huge effect is with anxiety disorders. Whole many people report that they still have anxiety, CBD can make it manageable.
  3. PTSD - Post traumatic stress disorder is a serious complex of issues. Some studies have shown that CBD is able to calm the storm that is PTSD.
  4. Arthritis - CBD seems help reduce joint swelling and pain. The long-term effects haven’t been fully studied, but it appears that CBD might halt the damage to joints.
  5. Anti-inflammatory - CBD appears to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints. This can relieve an amazing amount pain and stiffness.
  6. Heart health - Many heart disorders are caused by inflammation and other problems that CBD helps with. This is a simple, natural way to help the heart. (Note: See our blog on Hemp Oil versus CBD Oil to see how adding hemp oil as well can be a huge help for your heart.)
  7. Acne - Taking CBD oil every day reduces the appearance of acne. No one is really sure how this works, ubt the anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce acne.
  8. Chronic pain - For those who are constantly in pain, there is an endless search for pain relief that doesn't involve opioids. There is significant anecdotal evidence that CBD provides relief from chronic pain.
  9. Depression - Depression medicines come with significant side effects. CBD, in some cases, can work as well as prescriptions. This is an area where people should definitely speak  to a doctor first, but there is a chance that depression can be reduced with CBD.
  10. Glaucoma- The effects of glaucoma have been treated with marijuana for a long time. Now there’s a lot of evidence that it can be treated the non-psychoactive CBD oil,
  11. Loss of appetite - Of course, everyone knows that marujuana “gives you the munchies,” but so does CBD. If your body needs nourishment, taking CBD will cause hunger and make it easier to eat.
  12. Parkinson’s Disease - The debilitating and lethal disease seems to1be reduced significantly by CBD oil. There are several medical studies that show that it can have a powerful effect on this terrible disease.
  13. Epilepsy - While most eplecitics have seizures, some forms of epilepsy don’t involve classic seizures. The FDA approved Epidiolex, made from purified CBD oil for treating epilepsy seizures. This was the first drug derived from marijuana made level under FDA guidelines.
  14. Chemo related disorders - During chemotherapy for cancer, there are a number of side effects like nausea, vomiting, and pain. Too many people don’t get relief from pain relievers. As study showed the CBD (in this case mixed with THC) had an excellent effect on those who took it. It performed better than THC alone.
  15. Protecting the neurons - Parkingson’s, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis (MS) are all disorders of the neurological system. There is evidence that CBD oil can protect the neurons and keep the body healthier. In some cases, the progression of these debilitating diseases have been halted.

 There are more benefits, but these are among the most prominent.

 For more on this, read our blogs where we discuss specific uses for CBD.


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