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CBD and Pain Relief - A Must Read

Apr 12, 2020

In cannabis, known colloquially as both hemp and marijuana, there are 113 compounds called cannabinoids. Of these, the two most famous are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

THC is the compound that gets you “high” when you smoke marijuana. It’s illegal at the federal level in the US, but has been legalized in several states.

CBD has no psychoactive component, it doesn’t get you high, but it appears to have some profound health effect. Among these is its effect on joint pain, often caused by arthritis. 

This is an introduction to some studies that have been conducted and the evidence that has been accumulated.

Medical Studies

Medical News Today did a report on the effects of CBD on joints, especially arthritis.In summary, there have been several studies that indicate the CBD, both topical and oral, can help reduce the inflammation that causes joint pain and damage.

These anti-inflammatory effects appear to be more powerful than but similar to the effects of many vitamins and minerals. They can reduce pain in the joint by reducing swelling of tendons, muscles, and connective tissues.

How to Use CBD for Joint Pain

Many people use CBD oil or cream on their joints to help relieve pain. They massage it in several times per day to help reduce swelling and pain in their joints. The massage action itself is a great way to relieve pain, then the anti-inflammatory power of the CBD makes it last much longer.

Taking CBD orally is an excellent way to reduce inflammation. The dosage is very individual. Start with the lowest dose. If, after two weeks, you don’t notice a result, increase the dose. Stop when you find a dose that effectively reduces your pain and swelling.

There is no evidence that you can overdose on CBD, so using both a topical and oral CBD dose seems to be acceptable. If you notice any negative effects, simply stop using it and they should subside.


There is a great deal of clinical evidence that CBD is effective against joint pain, including that caused by arthritis. While there is a lot more study to be done, there are already some physicians advising patients to take CBD as part of their daily regimen.

Because there are almost no known side effects to CBD, there’s very little reason not to try it. A single bottle of Sweet Drop can last a long time with low doses. It might allow some people to get off of powerful drugs and still have relief from prescription medications or over-the-counter pain relievers.


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