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Gaming Stress? A Few Ideas for Gamers

Apr 12, 2020
Gaming Stress? A Few Ideas for Gamers

Every gamer knows that getting all amped up and stressed out is bad for the game. You want to be excited, but you don’t want to be so stressed that you can’t think straight.

It’s performance anxiety and everyone gets it at some point. Like speaking or singing in front of a group, performance anxiety can really ruin your moment if it keeps you being your best.

There are a few things that you can do to reduce your stress and increase your focus:

  • Meditation - Meditation is simply relaxing and focusing your mind on a single object for a little while. This can be a powerful way to increase your ability to focus. As a bonus, it’s also proven to reduce your stress levels and even make you healthier.
  • Exercise - It doesn’t need to be anything intense, but even a good walk every day can have an awesome effect on how you feel and your ability to focus. Your body is less likely to be an issue during a game.
  • Food - Sure, the gamer stereotype is snack cakes and tortilla chips all day every day, but that’s not going to fuel your brain. You don’t need to eat broccoli every meal, but include it and other vegetables as often as possible. Feed yourself well and you’ll be more successful.
  • CBD oil - CBD oil has been shown to increase concentration and relax the mind and body. It promotes sleep and relaxes that entire system. This can be your ace in the hole, making your mind more nimble and better focussed.
  • Sleep - It’s important to take the time to sleep. It’s tempting to play all day and night, and there will be times when you might, but make sure that, as a rule, you’re getting some decent sleep and taking good care of yourself.

CBD for Gaming

Here’s a bit about CBD to explain it and dispel some myths.

CBD is cannabidiol, a compound found in cannabis plants. Cannabis can be thought of as two different subspecies: hemp and marijuana (although they’re really identical). Marijuana contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the substance that makes you high. Hemp doesn’t.

Hemp is legal. The Farm Bill of 2018 made growing and processing help legal throughout the United States. That means that CBD from hemp is legal everywhere in the US, whereas CBD from marijuana is only legal in the states that have legalized it.  

Taking CBD for gaming is a bit of a long game. You should plan on taking it for a couple of weeks before you feel the full effect, although some people feel it in hours.

Take the smallest dose you can, based on what you buy, and increase it until you feel the effects you’re seeking. Don’t expect to get high or anything like that. You will probably feel clearer and more focused.

You might also notice that any pain in your hands of swelling of muscles and nerves will go away or reduce. Another effect of CBD is that it reduces inflammation and aids in the recovery of muscles.

CBD is a powerful, legal, and natural way to up your game.  

If you’re competing, check with the rules. Some places still can’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana in drug tests. Otherwise, try everything we’ve listed here. It can help you take your game to the next level and deliver the championship to you!


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