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Learn How CBD May Relieve Stress

Apr 12, 2020
Learn How CBD May Relieve Stress

“Stress kills.” 

We’ve all heard this famous refrain from the 1970s, but we’re still as stressed as ever. The issue with stress is that it has no place to go in a modern world.  

In the past, what we know as the “stress response” was what got us past a sabertooth tiger or through a fight with a rival clan. The adrenaline, the pounding heart, and the hyper awareness of stress were all a good thing. Once the threat passed, we went back to just doing our thing and being relaxed.

Today, all that stress becomes anxiety. We end up in a permanently hyper state. This ends up wearing out our hearts and the rest of our bodies.

Cannadibiiol (CBD) helps to reduce stress and anxiety without any of the side effects of opioids and other anxiety drugs. In fact, there are few, if any, side effects for most people.

CBD for stress 

There have been a number of studies of the effects of CBD on stress and anxiety.  

Many studies have been done, but most of those looked at marijuana, not hemp-based CBD. The studies that did look at CBD found that it has a powerful effect on stress and anxiety. 

Bear in mind that all cannabis-derived chemicals, including CBD, were entirely banned for over 100 years, the research into the effects of CBD have only been allowed for about a decade.

A brief timeline of CBD and anxiety studies: 

2010 - A small study found that CBD was able to relieve social anxiety in people with diagnosed social anxiety disorder. There were changes in blood flow in the brain. The effects mimicked those of powerful narcotic anti-anxiety drugs. 

2011 - Another study confirmed CBD’s ability to reduce social anxiety associated with public speaking

2015 - An analysis of studies showed that CBD has a positive effect on many types of anxiety and stress.

There is also a ton of anecdotal evidence. Any search of message boards or even conversations with people as you walk around town, you’ll find people who swear by CBD for their stress.

CBD also has a powerful effect on sleep. Several studies and again millions of anecdotes show that CBD helps you sleep better. One of the things that makes sleep so difficult is stress. It should be noted too that lack of sleep contributes to increased stress level.

How to Use CBD for stress

CBD appears to have both an immediate and lasting effect on stress. Taken at the moment that you’re stressed, especially as drops, it can have an almost instant effect. This means that it’s great for helping you reduce stress in the middle of a situation, like when giving a presentation.

If you’re prone to stress, it might be wise to take CBD every day. You can always take a bit more in particularly stressful situations.

There is a great deal of evidence that even extremely stressed individuals can experience relief with CBD. In fact, it has been found that a low dose of CBD can easily “take the edge off” of stress.


The evidence points to CBD being excellent for stress and anxiety. All it requires is that you find the dose that’s perfect for you.

More clinical studies are being done and will continue to be done. In the meantime, it might be helpful to speak to your physician to see if CBD might be a viable alternative to addictive stress medicines.


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