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Is CBD Safe for Children? - A Must Read for Parents

Apr 12, 2020
Is CBD Safe for Children? - A Must Read for Parents

CBD is everywhere. It’s in the local quicky-mart and at the big box pharmacy. Adults and children are taking CBD everywhere, but parents have questions:

  • Is it safe to give my child CBD?
  • What can I give my child CBD for?
  • How much should I give my child?


Is CBD safe for children?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, as long as you take the same precautions you do for everything else you put in your child’s body.

There is very little evidence that CBD oil negatively affects children. It appears to help with a number of illnesses, disorders, and more.

If a child has a reaction, it’s usually very brief and not dangerous.

Note: There is scant information on the effects of CBD on adults, let alone children. Much of what we know is anecdotal or derived from what we know about adults.


A bit of history

Throughout all of human history, cannabis, which includes marijuana and hemp, have been medicinal plants for humans. More than that, they were food for us and for the animals we ate.

Between the World Wars, politicians took upon themselves to outlaw “marihuana.” This was the Mexican name for cannabis. Cannabis was very familiar to everyone since it was in every tincture and medicine they bought. Politicians wanted a reason to arrest the significant number of Mexican refugees fleeing the Mexican Revolution and the instability that followed. They made marihuana illegal.

Hemp, from which we derive our CBD in most places in the US, was caught up in the fight because they are, in fact, the exact same plant.

At one time, every medicine chest had cannabis in it. Children were given it for everything from colds to aches and no one thought twice about it.


What is CBD good for?

CBD seems to have the same effect on children it does on adults:

  • Pain relief
  • Sleep aid
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD

One area that is showing promise for children is autism. One study in Israel treated 60 autistic children for 7 months with CBD oil.

  • 80% saw a decline in problematic behavior
  • 62% said the improvement was significant
  • 50% showed improvement in communications
  • 40% of parents saw a decrease in anxiety

In truth, if there was that type of chance on a drug that could be patented, the drug companies would be pushing it through quickly.

One area that CBD has shown promise is with serotonin reuptake. This can be great for depression, anxiety, and other disorders that are caused by an imbalance of the chemicals in the brain. Most anti-depressants are made on this principle. The big difference is that this one is natural.


Dosing for Children

Every CBD product is different and many are not standardized. Standardization is one of the things that the FDA and other regulatory agencies look for in drugs and medicines.

At Sweet Drop, use a standardized CBD oil in MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) to make sure that every dose is the exact same.

Because there are no specific guidelines, you will need to experiment with what works best. Start at the smallest dose and then add on to it until you get the desired effect. Give each dose a couple of weeks to work.



There is every indication that CBD is fine for children and there are few if any, side effects. When used with love and some patience, you might find that nature’s medicine is ideal for caring for your child. Take your time and see what works for your child.

Of course, before taking any medical action with your child, contact your pediatrician.


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