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The Ultimate Hack for Gamers - A Must Read!

Apr 12, 2020
The Ultimate Hack for Gamers - A Must Read!

When you’re in the middle of a melee, you need to be focused, clear, and in the present. This can be tough with all the stuff going on around. There’s noise, flashing lights, and, if you’re in the middle of a tournament, a lot of people.

CBD can help you stay focused and in the game. There’s mounting evidence that non-psychoactive CBD can help your brain focus better and allow you to be even deeper in the game. 

In fact, it has become the secret weapon of thousands of top-level gamers around the world who use it as their advantage.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 cannabinoids that are created by the cannabis plant. Cannabis itself is divided into two families, hemp and marijuana. While they’re identical, hemp doesn’t produce THC (or very little), the chemical that gets you high when you smoke marijuana. Hemp is legal in all 50 states, whereas marijuana is only legal in a handful of states, like California and Colorado.

Does CBD get me high?

No. Not at all. There’s nothing in CBD oil that will get you high. That’s why it’s awesome for gaming; it gives you focus, but doesn’t make you high and cause you to get distracted.

Is it legal for gamers during tournaments?

You should check with the tournament sponsors. While CBD is legal and is made from hemp, it does have the exact same chemical structure, except for THC, that marijuana does. Some gaming associations have banned it, but it’s unclear if that will continue as the substance is proving to be a great natural choice for gamers.  

How does it help? 

Your body has what’s called an endocannabinoid system. The reality is that cannabis was an important part of the human diet for so long that our bodies developed a special set of receptors for the substances in it. Not only did we eat it for nutrition and smoke it for rituals, but the animals we are also consumed it, putting those substances in the meat we ate. 

Although we know that CBD can help with focus, it’s a bit difficult to separate it from THC as much of the testing involves both.

“CBD is used for everything from physical ailments, like pain and inflammation, to assisting users with everything from mental acuity, anxiety, and even depression,” said Joe Casanova, a representative of Diamond CBD Inc. 

More than just mental strength, the use of CBD appears to reduce pain and the effects of repetitive hand motions, like pressing buttons which can cause players to develop painful tendons and muscles. There’s also a lot of anecdotal evidence that CBD helps your muscles recover quickly. While you’re not pumping iron, your body is still working while you’re gaming. CBD can help in reducing inflammation and make the gaming experience better.

Sleep is very important to anyone who needs to think clearly and focus. CBD is being recommended, even by doctors, to aid with sleep for patients who need to relax and get a good night’s rest. Any search of the internet will find thousands of people who point to CBD for giving them a better night’s sleep.

How much CBD should I take?

Start your CBD dosing with the least amount you can. With SweetDrop CBD oil, you’re given tested dosages and a dropper that has graduated marks on it. It’s very easy to start small and increase as you discover you need to. 

Don’t start out with more than you need to. While there’s no known case of overdosing, it’s always smarter to use as little of anything as you have to.


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