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Traveling with CBD - What You Should Know

Apr 12, 2020
Traveling with CBD - What You Should Know

Many of us have come to depend on CBD to feel better, sleep better, and stay healthy.

Traveling with CBD has its own set of issues and concerns. Ironically, CBD can be great for the stress and strain of travel.

Taking your CBD with you can be a concern. Here are some guidelines to live by:


General Rules - Leave your CBD in its original container. Whether you’re talking oil or capsules, keep it in the original container. Taking it out of the container is likely to cause you trouble, especially if you’re leaving a state where marijuana is legal.

Avoid gummies, etc, on the road. While many people are familiar with CBD in oil form, they think of gummies for adults as being strictly marijuana. It’s not worth the hassle.


Flying - The first thing to know is that there are size restrictions. not typically a problem for CBD bottle, but know that.

CBD was made legal by the 2018 Farm Act. Since it is no longer a controlled substance you can fly with.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has rules regarding medical marijuana. It’s banned on flights so you can’t take it with you. CBD derived from marijuana is illegal under these rules.

CBD is not illegal if it’s derived from hemp. Here’s what to do to make sure you do it right.

When you go to your local store, buy only CBD that’s made from industrial hemp and has less than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the stuff that gets you high in marijuana. The bottle needs to be clearly labeled as hemp CBD with the THC levels on it.

Don’t be surprised to be hassled, but as more and more people go through security with CBD, it will get easier as they learn the laws.


State to State

CBD is legal under federal law, but some states are still behind. Some states don’t allow it at all. Make sure you check the laws in the states you’re going to and the ones that you’re traveling through.


COA (Certificate of Analysis)

Every manufacturer has a COA (Certificate of Analysis) on their website. Many have it on the box that the bottle comes in. Keep that handy. In fact, have one on your person and another in your carry-on. If airport security asks, you can show it to them and they’ll know that it’s legal.


Be Open About It

Keep your CBD in the same plastic bag you keep all your other liquids in. If you try to hide it or even stick it in a special pocket, the TSA agent is much more likely to wonder what you’re hiding.

Stay under 3.4 ounces and you should be fine.


Driving with CBD

This is where state laws are a problem. You might find yourself facing stiff fines or even jail time for not looking for these archaic laws.

The federal laws won’t protect you, so make sure you check those laws. Even in your own state or driving through states where it’s legal, keep that COA with you.


Traveling with CBD

The laws haven’t caught up everywhere and there are still gray areas. The problem is that without a test, there’s no way for law enforcement to know whether you have hemp CBD or marijuana. They are most likely to decide that you have a Schedule 1 drug than that you’re just trying to get rid of the pain.


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